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The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum was organized in 1985 to promote entrepreneurship among its members as well as the general public. It meets for breakfast the last Tuesday of each month. It provides an excellent opportunity to listen to a successful entrepreneur share their experiences and to network with individuals interested in entrepreneurship.

Upcoming Speakers

Joe AbellTuesday, April 30, 2019
The Houston Entrepreneur's forum is pleased to announce that Joe Abell, President of Artesia EcoScience, will speak on Tuesday, April 30th 2019. Three and a half years ago Joe and three other partners started Artesia EcoScience with their own capital contributions. Joe had been CFO at Tetra Technologies, a NYSE-listed company, for 11 years when he and his partners saw a huge business opportunity that Tetra was not exploring. Joe says the most pressing problem in the oil and gas industry is "water management" and that water is the hottest investment theme among energy-focused private equity firms. Artesia-Ecoscience provides sophisticated water chemistry solutions for the treatment of "formation water," water naturally occurring in hydrocarbon reservoirs that is co-produced with oil and gas, for reuse as frac water, which allows for the avoidance and conservation of fresh water. They provide a high quality, low cost solution in the reuse of formation water at central recycling facilities and "on the fly" treatment of frac water. Artesia EcoScience currently employs 10 highly technical employees and utilizes specialized equipment for onsite situations. Joe finds his work rewarding, challenging and purposeful in providing economic, environmental solutions to oil and gas clients. They plan to continue growing the company. Joe Abell has B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He is married with 2 children.


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