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The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum was organized in 1985 to promote entrepreneurship among its members as well as the general public. It meets for breakfast the last Tuesday of each month. It provides an excellent opportunity to listen to a successful entrepreneur share their experiences and to network with individuals interested in entrepreneurship.

Upcoming Speakers

Tory GattisTuesday, February 26, 2019
The Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum is pleased to announce our February 26, 2019 speaker will be Tory Gattis. Mr. Gattis founded Microschool Revolution to fund, start and grow high-quality, low-cost private microschools. Tory has co-founded two successful microschools in the Houston area. The concept was initially proven with Coached Schooling which was backed by Rice University Owlspark Accelerator program and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to create a high-tech network of affordable private schools (<$10/day) combining the best elements of eLearning, home and traditional schooling.
Microschools are called "micro" because they are small, enrolling fewer than 120 students in a K-12 co-learning community. Students are part of a mixed-age class rather than split into different grades. The innovative approach to education is built around project-based learning, personalized eLearning, social-emotional character development and community engagement to develop real-world skills like entrepreneurship, design thinking and collaborative problem-solving.
Tory is a McKinsey consulting alum, TEDx speaker, McKinsey Management Innovation M-Prize winner and holds both an MBA and BSEE from Rice University. In his spare time, he writes his long-running Houston Strategies and Opportunities Urbanist blog for the Houston Chronicle, and writes and speaks as a Founding Senior Fellow with the Center for Opportunity Urbanism.


Membership is $40.00 a year. Membership allows you to receive monthly notices of the meetings and a discount on breakfast.

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